Pentax K-3 III Monochrome

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Pentax K-3 III Monochrome

Pentax continues its long tradition of developing unique cameras for passionate photographers. The camera is based on the popular Pentax K-3 III but has no color sensor. This means more light reaches the sensor and noise is reduced and lets the user make black and white pictures with a unique expression.

The Pentax K3 III Monochrome is a unique DSLR that only produces black and white images. The camera inherits all other features from the popular premium model K-3 III such as a robust and weatherproof design, powerful IBIS, a fast and advanced autofocus and optical viewfinder with 1.05x magnification that makes it easy to set focus manually. Like all previous models, the camera is fully compatible with older K-mount lenses an adapter to use older lenses with M42 screw mount is also available.

The exterior of the camera has been slightly redesigned, and the logo and model name have been given a slightly greyer tone to mimic the look black and white film. The use of a specially designed monochrome sensor with no Bayer interpolation that utilizes all the original light information of each pixel results in an image with a much wider tonal range, better noise in higher ISO and better detail reproduction.

With today’s image editing software and apps, it is easy to create black and white images from images that are originally in color, but with the new Pentax K3 III Monochrome you get a unique camera that corresponds to the classic combination of camera and black and white film in modern times. The camera’s monochrome APS-C sensor and Prime V processor are developed and adapted to optimized to produce an unequalled black and white image.

Key specifications:

  • Designed only for black and white
  • Great tonal range
  • Unique monochrome sensor
  • Stunning detail reproduction
  • Robust and weatherproof design
  • Optical viewfinder





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